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topographic and engineering surveys, construction survey staking in the rogue valley and southern oregon
highway surveys, railroad surveys and gps geodite control surveys in medford and southern oregon

Professional Services for your Land Surveying Needs

Including Property Line Adjustments & Land Partitions

  • Aerial LiDAR Surveys

  • Land Partition & Subdivision Surveys

  • Property Line Adjustment Surveys

  • Boundary & Right-of-Way Surveys

  • Legal Descriptions

  • Railroad Surveys

  • Highway Surveys

  • GPS Geodetic Control Surveys

  • Topographic & Engineering Surveys

  • Construction Survey Staking

  • Aerial Photography & Mapping

  • Transmission Line Surveys

  • ALTA/ACSM Land Title Surveys

  • Base Flood Elevation (BFE) Determination/LOMA Surveys

  • Water Boundary Surveys

  • Specializing in Remote & Back Country Areas

  • Airport Surveys

Specializing in the Outback of Oregon and Alaska!

To The Point Land Surveying in Southern Oregon
aerial photography and mapping, transmission line surveys in southern oregon and the rogue valley oregon
Aerial Drone LiDAR Surveys in Oregon and Alaska

Drone LiDAR

Drone land surveying can be used for many purposes including urban planning, construction, cartography, flood studies, volume and quanity calculations. Drone surveys are particularly useful in areas that are difficult for survey teams to access or when large tracts of land are involved..

What is a Drone Topography Survey?


Wondering what an aerial drone topographic survey is and how it differs from a traditional topographic survey?  Traditional topographic surveys may take up to a day an acre to survey, whereas a drone survey is performed by an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) or drone which can cover large areas of land in minutes.


Our drone is outfitted with a sophisticated LiDAR sensor and high resolution camera that are able to capture highly detailed data with sub-centimeter accuracy of the terrain it scans.

For Further Information

If you think a drone land survey may be the right solution for you, contact To The Point Land Surveying. Our team members will walk you through the process and answer any questions you may have about the survey. If you decide to go with us, our experienced and insured drone pilots will get you the data you need with speed and precision.

When You Need It Done

We will do whatever it takes to get your project done with the utmost quality.


We strive for 100% client satisfaction on every step of your project. We guarantee that To The Point Land Surveying will meet your project needs with professionalism and integrity.


This is how we have grown our business, and this is how we will earn yours.

aerial photography and mapping, transmission line surveys in southern oregon and the rogue valley oregon
property line adjustment surveys and boundary and right of way surveys in the rogue valley and southern oregon

Professional Advantage

The crews and technicians at To The Point Land Surveying are committed to providing a quality deliverable for our clients.


Our quality has led to long lasting relationships with our clients which continues to bring them back again and again over the years for their project needs.

Established Experience

To The Point Land Surveying has been providing quality professional land surveying services since 2012.


This company is headed by top quality licensed professional land surveyors who together bring more than 40 years of professional experience in all aspects of survey project services.

land partition and subdivision surveys in southern oregon
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